.in memoriam.

so i haven't blogged in a while...not that anyone is following this...or maybe someone out there is :)

anyways, i haven't been out shooting any photos lately, but on monday i attended my grandfather's memorial service, which was a full military ordeal. if anyone has ever seen a military service, you know how amazing they are. riverside memorial cemetery was beautiful, and the men conducting the service were amazing. i have never seen so much respect, and authenticity.

the service was classic and low key, just like my grandpa and i'm sure he would have loved it. it was a nice day to remember and respect. also a chance to see some family for the first time in almost 10 years.

i took quite a few pictures, and decided to share a few here.

rest in peace grandpa dave <3



one day i came across
this sweet little bear head, stuck in a telephone pole. he was so delightful i snatched him right up, and decided to do a series of photos with him, in peculiar places. just roll with it.


.classy living.

i went to san fran for a few days, and i was happy to hear that i'd be in the city for my good friend hector's, very first art show. if you know hector, you know his work and abilities, and you're bummed you missed it.

the show was held at mission art and comics, and featured works by hector, and one other artist (whose name is slipping my mind). there was a pretty good turn out, and of course i was beyond stoked to be there in support for my favorite messican.

the initial idea for my blog, or website, was for it to be a place to promote and broadcast the artistic abilities of my friends, and myself. here is my opportunity to do that.



          just another tuesday in irvine...with the kids.



some of you may know my beautiful wifey, rachel...well, i've been taking some photos for her fashion blog, so i thought i'd post some of my favorite photos from the shoots. this is my first go at any sort of fashion photography, and if you ask me, it ain't half bad.

ENJOY, and peep rachel's blog @ made you look and my other beautiful model miss diana do, and her blog, as well, a la mode.


Morning Teleportation

Ever heard of a little band called Morning Teleportation? No? Well you should have. Why? Because they're quickly emerging onto the indie rock scene, having just wrapped up a US tour with everyone's favorite, lo-fi indie, rock outfit, Modest Mouse and before that, served as supporting act to new fan favorite Cage The Elephant.

Morning Teleportation, based out of Portland, Oregon, are a five piece band, with your generic drums, guitar, bass...and what was that? Squirrel calls, crock pots, and pans and banjos? You got that right. Morning Teleportations sound is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and whole lot of psychedelic.

Songs listed on their MySpace page are limited...to three. "Just A Figment" is exactly that, a figment of your imagination. Starts out like a sweet indie rock melody and erupts into a beautiful cacophony in the last minute. It will blow your mind, that is, if your mind isn't blown already.

I think we'll be hearing a lot more of Morning Teleportations in the near future, as Modest Mouse frontman, Isaac Brock, liked them so much, he decided to back them, not only by bringing them on tour, but signing them to his record label, Glacial Pace Recordings AND producing the bands' first full length album, with no record release date in sight. Unfortunately.

Morning Teleportation are finishing up a US tour with dates ending in their (current) hometown of Portland, Oregon.

If you have a chance to go see them, please do. And report back.


**this review was first posted here :

pop my cherry!

wow wow wee wa! so, some of you might know i started writing for another blog doing indie rock reviews...but then i thought to myself "F*$%# that...i'll write my OWN blog!" so i hopped on the blog train, and here it is! CBlack Attack! this will be all things carlyand other things. my photography, music reviews, rants, raves...the whole 9. it's definitely a work in progress...but to start it off, i'll repost my first music review from the last blog.  

                                  so, take a peek...stay awhile.